The development of the Blockchain ecosystem requires investment by industry. The investment first in time and education from which discussions can proceed to trials. Ultimately creating the confidence to push to production grade solutions. Markets are moving and local business leaders can, will and are taking the opportunity to seize the potential of this space.

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The development of the Blockchain space requires active involvement by Government, Regulators and those impacted by the frameworks of business. Maturity in the space requires confidence in the guard rails around these transformative technologies. This is not a process that can or will occur without criticism. Over time consultation and certainty will address those concerns.

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Origin Story

In 2018 we gathered more than 500 people at the Melbourne Convention Centre for the BlockchainAPAC Conference to tell all who cared to listen that they were interested in the emerging Blockchain space. A community was born.

In October 2019 we invited 100 Blockchain ecosystem players to the Victorian Investment Centre. The group included representatives from the Education, Industry, Government, Technology and Start up sectors.

The conversation in the room, was deliberately different. It was reflective of a maturing sector, looking to work with and across stakeholder priorities. A movement was born.

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The Blockchain2020 event was held on the 31st October 2019 at the Victorian Government Investment Centre.

Sponsors and supporters of the event included the following brands.

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It all starts as a conversation.

Many of the discussions that matter must happen behind close doors. The development of the Blockchain sector has not been without it’s challenges, it’s missteps and misinformation. The technology moved very quickly and the implications of that same technology created both opportunities and challenges for Government, Industry and investment communities.

In many respects. We have reset and started again. Building confidence one conversation at a time, one room at a time.

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Executive Briefings

One on one. Deliberate conversations about the issues that impact people, organisations and industries.

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Boardroom Roundtable

Sharing knowledge and moving forward cohorts. A boardroom level discussion involving key stakeholders.

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The Blockchain Roadmap

On 7th February 2019 the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science released the Australian Blockchain Roadmap.

The development of the National Blockchain Roadmap was announced in March 2019 by Senator the Hon. Karen Andrews and Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham. On the 7th February 2020 the Roadmap was released and in doing so sent a strong message that there are enormous opportunities that Blockchain technology can enable. The opportunities highlighted in the report include supply chain, credentials and KYC/AML technologies.

The Roadmap is the start of this conversation. It’s spurred debate. Now it’s time to bring together stakeholders to build on this direction. On the 13th February we convened a roundtable that included representatives from Government, Industry, Education and the Startup sectors. We will build on that conversation with a local, state and national dialogue. That’s the path of Blockchain2020.

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February 28, 2020

Three key takeaways from for me about the National Blockchain Roadmap released by the department of Industry. The number one takeaway from the blockchain roadmap is it’s a start and most people who know the space understand that we needed government to send a message that it’s something they’re interested in talking about and that’s […]
February 20, 2020

After holding the Blockchain Roadmap Roundtable on the 13th of February, a trip to Sydney was booked and on the cards for 4 days to continue the conversation. Two days of meetings, events & discussions turned one small 12 person roundtable into a movement in the space. This is just the beginning.
February 14, 2020

On the 7th of February, the National Blockchain Roadmap was released by the Department of Industry. We brought together industry, enterprise, education and government leaders to take part in a roundtable discussion on Thursday February 13th. The conversation was a great starting point where stakeholders expressed views and challenged opinions whilst considering the implications and […]

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