February 20, 2020 0

After holding the Blockchain Roadmap Roundtable on the 13th of February, a trip to Sydney was booked and on the cards for 4 days to continue the conversation.

Two days of meetings, events & discussions turned one small 12 person roundtable into a movement in the space.

This is just the beginning.


Steve Vallas


February 14, 2020 0

On the 7th of February, the National Blockchain Roadmap was released by the Department of Industry.

We brought together industry, enterprise, education and government leaders to take part in a roundtable discussion on Thursday February 13th. The conversation was a great starting point where stakeholders expressed views and challenged opinions whilst considering the implications and opportunities of the roadmap.

The roundtable’s aim was to move the conversation forward and committing to continuing these discussions within their organisations.

Steve Vallas