February 28, 2020 0

Three key takeaways from for me about the National Blockchain Roadmap released by the department of Industry.

The number one takeaway from the blockchain roadmap is it’s a start and most people who know the space understand that we needed government to send a message that it’s something they’re interested in talking about and that’s what’s happened with this roadmap, so people are very happy the conversation has been commenced

The second most important thing about the road map is the government has clearly articulated three areas they’d like to focus on at first instance. One is supply chain, one is education and the other relates to KYC and AML issues.

The third most important thing for me in the Blockchain Roadmap is it’s encouraging people and inviting them to now make the case for the space. To tell government what they want to do and how it might potentially impact at a federal and state level so the onus is turned to industry in particular to find resources, to start conversations and to show by doing.

Steve Vallas